Cellular Expert

Cellular Expert is a wireless telecommunication network planning, optimization and data management solution, available to the telecommunication industry since 1995. Used in more than 30 countries by 80 customers, the software is distinctive for its versatile functionality, calculation precision, multi-technology, intuitive usage and powerful GIS platform. Cellular Expert allows users to plan, optimize network and analyze information efficiently, to lower costs, increase profitability, and improve the quality of customer support services. Cellular Expert is dedicated for Mobile network operators, Telecoms, Military companies, Internet providers, Emergency service providers, Utility companies, Consultancy service providers and other companies performing planning, analysis, optimization and reporting tasks for radio networks. The software is being constantly updated to support the latest technologies and includes the functionality based on real customer requirements giving a significant advantage for the user.

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Supported wireless technologies

  • Transmission networks (Microwave)
  • Broadband access networks (LMDS, MMDS, WLL)
  • 2G/2.5G networks (GSM, DCS, CDMA)
  • 3G/3.5G networks (CDMA2000, WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA)
  • 4G networks (WiMAX, LTE)
  • Military and rescue networks (TETRA, TETRAPOL)
  • Other technologies in frequency range up to 40 GHz

Cellular Expert functionality


  • Network Data Management
  • Radio equipment data management
  • Radio path profiling
  • Visibility Analysis
  • GIS based Network Analysis
  • 3D Analysis
  • Visualization and Reporting

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint networks:

  • Radio link design
  • Power budget analysis
  • Performance prediction
  • Interference analysis
  • Automated Radio Frequency Planning
  • Radio Link Capacity Planning

Point-to-Area networks:

  • Nominal Network Planning
  • Coverage prediction
  • Frequency planning and Interference analysis
  • Drive Test analysis and Prediction model tuning
  • Traffic analysis
  • Automated Cell Planning
  • Automated Site Candidates Selection
  • Antenna Orientation Optimization Tools
  • Automated Task Processing

Specific Network Planning:

  • 3G/3.5G/4G Network Planning
  • Fixed and Mobile WIMAX Network Planning
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