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InfoGraph’s highly trained professionals have the knowledge to blend the technologies of digital mapping from variety of sources including satellite images, aerial photographs, GPS field data and existing maps leading to the GIS database creation. InfoGraph’s GIS maps are available in Arabic and English for all the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan including the following layers:

ØAdministrative Boundaries at scale of at scale of 1:50,000

ØStreets as Centerlines at scale of at scale of 1:10,000

ØCities, towns, villages locations at scale of 1:10,000

ØMunicipality Boundaries for the 5 largest cities (Greater Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Aqaba, and Salt) at scale of 1:5,000

ØStreets as Centerlines for all cities in Jordan at scale of 1:2,500

ØCoverage for built up areas for all Jordan at scale of 1:10,000

ØPoints and polygons for municipalities associated population & demographics at scale of 1:10,000

Digital GIS Maps for Businesses, Routing, and Logistics in Jordan

Businesses, routing, and logistics applications need up-to-date, robust, and reliable GIS maps. InfoGraph’s GIS maps are regularly updated and verified by professional resources and enriched with geo information to cover the whole kingdom of Jordan.

Our maps vary in details- from administrative boundaries to a very detailed roads data with directions- that enable accessing to thousands of points of interest such as commercial centers, hospitals, restaurants, businesses, and more.

Businesses powered by our database can analyze the geomarketing for optimizing their markets, minimize risk and realize untapped potential as well as finding the opportunities and threats.


Today GIS Landmarks considered one of main data used in traveling, geo marketing, routing services, crises management and spatial data processing. Our GIS landmarks are carefully created and maintained to cover the whole points of interest of Jordan’s main cities at scale of 1:2,500 and classified into the following categories:


1. Religious (Mosque, Church, Quran Teaching Center, Grave yard)
2. Health (Hospital, Health Center, Clinics, Pharmacies, Medical Labs, Optical, and others)
3. Financial (Bank, ATM, Money Exchange)
4. Sports (GYM, Sports City, Sports Club)
5. Recreational (Garden, Natural Reserve, Cinema, Museum)
6. Commercial (Commercial, Complex, Supermarket, Grocery, Mall)
7. Services (Fuel Station, Beauty Center/Barber, Book Store, Parking)
8. Diplomatic (Embassy, Consulate)
9.Residential (Hotel, Furnished Apartment)
10. Food Services (Restaurant, Coffee Shop)
11. Transportation (Airport, Bus Station)
12. Social (Social Centers, Wedding Halls, Youth Centers)
13. Telecommunication (Orange, Zain, Umniah, Other)
14. Military (Civil Defense, Police Station, Military Service, Consumer Corporation)
15. Educational (Kindergarten, School, College, University, Education Center, Special Needs Center)
16. Antiquities
17. Industrial
18. Circles



Digital Navigation Maps of Jordan

InfoGraph is also in the business of creating digital maps that power navigation and location-based services and expressed interest in creating and commercializing digital maps and map content that coves the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. InfoGraph has also developed custom solutions tailored to businesses to assist them in locating clients and to benefit from GIS in their operations, such applications include but are not limited to:

  • Mapping, routing and navigation products and services: including in-vehicle navigation system, portable and mobile navigation devices, on-line map and routing services.
  • GIS and enterprise solutions.
  • Emergency response and planning systems and services.
  • Fleet and assets tracking, routing, planning and optimization systems and services.

3D/Elevation Data

Precise and reliable elevation data forms the basis of any accurate geospatial product. Whether for infrastructure applications, analyzing terrain features, Orthorectification, flood Modeling or 3D simulation: accurate height information is a critical factor.Because each project needs a certain type of terrain model, we offer the most comprehensive elevation products at multi-scales that suit your business needs:

  • Elevation Model 30m
  • Elevation Model 20 -10m
  • Elevation Model Plus: Precise elevation models provide 5-1m DEM.
  • 3D Buildings Model.
  • Elevation Model 30m: available off-the-shelf for all over the world.
  • Elevation Model 20 -1m and Model Plus: available on demand according to the required area of interest.

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