Creating Maps and Visualizations with ArcGIS



Learn fundamental cartographic design principles and a standard workflow to produce print and online maps tailored to their purpose, medium, and intended audience. This course teaches ArcGIS Pro techniques to create and share a variety of professional-quality information products including print maps, web maps, 3D scenes, animations, and charts.

Who Should Attend

GIS professionals and others who have an introductory-level knowledge of GIS concepts and limited ArcGIS experience.


After completion of this course you will be able to:


Completion of ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows or Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro or equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

Introduction to designing maps and visualization

Data for information products

Symbolizing data

Working with map text

Print map layouts

Design considerations for web maps

Publishing web maps for multiple devices

Creating 3D scenes

Visualizing data using charts