ArcGIS Enterprise: Configuring a Base Deployment


Learn administration essentials to install and configure an ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment that enables individuals to securely access, create, and share geospatial resources. You will learn how to license and install the four software components of a base deployment and ensure system security and performance.

Who Should Attend
IT and GIS administrators, GIS technical leads, and others who manage an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

After completion of this course you will be able to:
• Install ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Data Store, and ArcGIS Web Adaptor.
• Configure an ArcGIS Enterprise portal to manage users, groups, and content-sharing privileges.
• Apply HTTPS certificates to support encrypted communication.
• Configure a suitable authentication method for your organization’s needs.

Completion of Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS or equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

ArcGIS Enterprise overview
• What is ArcGIS Enterprise?
• What can ArcGIS Enterprise do?
• What is a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment?
• What are the base deployment system requirements?
• How is a base deployment set up?
• How do you automate a base deployment setup?
• Classroom PC environment

Configuring a secure environment
• Base deployment components
• Component communication
• HTTPS encryption

Setting up a portal
• Portal for ArcGIS installation overview
• Portal for ArcGIS account
• HTTPS communication
• ArcGIS Web Adaptor

Setting up a GIS server
• ArcGIS Server installation overview
• Explore the ArcGIS Server installation
• ArcGIS Server directories and configuration store
• Choosing the optimal location for server directories and the configuration store
• Federation

Managing GIS resources
• ArcGIS Data Store
• ArcGIS Data Store functionality
• Setting up ArcGIS Data Store
• Web layers and GIS resources
• Data registration
• Registering data with ArcGIS Server

Securing a base deployment
• Understanding identity stores
• Configuring portal authentication
• Choosing an authentication method
• Setting up an enterprise identity store
• Security best practices
• ArcGIS Enterprise security options

Managing users and groups
• Portal information model
• Portal relationships
• Membership levels
• User privileges
• Levels of sharing
• Choosing an appropriate member role
• Integrating groups from your IT-managed security store

Managing a base deployment
• Customizing your Enterprise portal
• Configuring utility services to access ArcGIS Online content
• Collaborative system administration
• Enterprise backup and restore
• Considerations for software updates
• Automating system administration
• Adding capabilities with ArcGIS GIS Server extensions
• ArcGIS Server licensing roles