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Cityworks is a GIS-centric asset management solution, that combines the power of ArcGIS and its robust asset data management repository, to perform intelligent and cost-effective inspection, monitoring, and condition assessment. Cityworks empowers GIS to manage both physical infrastructure and land-focused asset management.

Today managing infrastructure capital assets consists of minimizing the total cost of owning, operating, and maintaining assets at acceptable levels of service. Cityworks is the proven and genuine GIS-centric asset management solution, combined with the power of ArcGIS and its robust asset data management repository, to perform intelligent and cost-effective inspection, monitoring, and condition assessment.

Considering the interdependencies of maintenance, operations, asset performance, environmental conditions, life cycle costs, and capital planning prevents the replacement of many perfectly good assets with useful remaining life, which can happens when using only age-based asset replacement recommendations.

As an exclusive Cityworks distributor for all Arabic-speaking countries, InfoGraph provides the Arabic and English versions of the software and also creates, maintains, and supports the software in both languages.Cityworks is built exclusively on top of your ESRI ArcGIS spatial database, be it in Oracle, Microsoft SQL/Server or any of a variety of leading relational database systems. Like no other system, Cityworks is a unique and powerful solution, yet easy-to-use, affordable, and customizable.
Cityworks and Esri ArcGIS combine to make the perfect platform for designing and creating GIS-centric public asset management solutions.

One Environment

A simple chain of activities requires the interaction of call takers, field investigators, service crews, inventory control, support personnel, management and an array of others. Communication is key. Cityworks supports one data structure that can be easily integrated across departmental boundaries.

Inventory Management

In order to manage your infrastructure assets, you need to know what they are and where they are. Cityworks includes detailed asset inventory and management tools allowing you to keep the information you need, in easy-to-use interfaces and ready for your GASB34 requirements.


Every agency has their own specific materials and equipment, naming conventions, problems, codes, and work processes. Cityworks is fully customizable so you can continue to utilize your own unique work flow. Based on open database technology, Cityworks can be integrated with your other agency systems.

Service Request

Maintenance needs typically start as a request for some type of service. Cityworks models this using the Service Request. Tied to the map-based features in the GIS, the Service Request can be located geographically and populated with attribute information.

Work Orders

Cityworks is built specifically to manage and track work orders associated with infrastructure assets. Work orders can be initiated, tracked and monitored throughout their life-cycle; including cost, labor and material tracking.


Cityworks performance provides a complete reporting tool. Not only are users able to produce standard usage, work time, and cost analysis reports, but ad-hoc reporting is also available. In addition, the usage of third-party reporting tools provides a wide range of reporting functionality.